Friday, February 16, 2007

Colors I Like

This post is really just because I love a clear day/night and taking pictures that come out very clear and crisp. Here are a couple of snaps from Monday night as I was walking to 34th from Chelsea.

The first picture is around 32nd and 7th. It is outside of Fuse Music Network. I know some of you are watching my friend Mark's show, "Dance Off, Pants Off".

The second pic needs no explanation.

Just thought I would add this last one. It is the inside of, one of the three, L trains that go from Time Square to Grand Central. That is basically my new train. You would think it was for Atlantic City, NJ or Mohegan Sun, CT but it is actually for Yonkers Raceway-Empire City. Looks like someone wants to get back in the gambling races, but from the pictures I would guess that they are planning on going hip and exciting. Looks kinda sad to me. Here is to future impovement plans.

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Leniere said...

Followed your link from the DList. The picture of the FUSE building is two blocks away from my office. It's such a small world. For a moment, I thought the photo was from someplace else. I used to take the LTrain all the time...I guess its been longer than I thought. I've never seen it look like that.

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