Monday, February 26, 2007

Here We Have It

Funny, I realize I don't post pictures of myself on this blog, even though you can find me on just about any social site that is out there.

Well, anyway, here is the tee shirt. Don't blame me for the bad self photo, I have been in photos since last Friday so this can be my one bad photo, haha, okay, well at least with other photos I had editing to help me.

God, it is quick how I can get off topic. Starbucks. Tee Shirt. Free Drink.

Yes, with my free Starbucks tee shirt came a coupon for a free drink if I wear my tee shirt when I order that drink. Okay, so it is only a Tall drink but still that is like $2.50 when all the extras are added.

Also nice to see that Starbucks used a company called HTnaturals for their shirts. They are a eco-friendly company whose mission is: 'to lessen the negative impact on our environment by developing quick eco-friendly products.'

And I have to say the shirt is actually quite comfy.


bigfrank said...

In my opinion, no one else can make that tee shirt look as good

Baiaz said...

I agree with BigFrank!

Nice looking guy in a funny tee shirt! Still loooking good!

::JOSH JIRI S.:: said...

very cute chris,well done :-)

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