Thursday, February 15, 2007

Free Tea. No, wait. Free Tee

UPDATE: There is a limited amount of tee shirts per day. So I think they start each day at 10am. Get there early and get yours too.

Logged on today to my myspace, geesh that place is strange, homepage and I found a link to this new Starbucks custom drink flash ad. So I went and filled it out and you get this cute Starbucks cup with exactly what you like written on the side. I have no idea really what the point is other than to be interactive and maybe write it down.

When I was done though they offered to send me a tee shirt (med or large) with the design of my drink on it.

All I had to do was fill in where to send it. No shipping and handling charge or any of that. It just said I would receive it in 2-4weeks. Not bad; a free tee shirt for about 2 minutes of playing online at the Starbucks site.

Also it would seem the designer of the tee shirts is none other than Michael Knight, 3rd place last season on Project Runway.

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