Monday, July 25, 2005


Just a great lunch today.
The company couldn't have been any better.
Thanks. See you soon.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Burn'in Up

Okay, so I wasn't burning up except for the crazy weather we have had the last two weeks but boy was I getting hot when I met one of NYC's Bravest, Fireman Johnson at 84th and 5th Avenue.

After helping my friend Marjon down the hill from the park after he badly sprained his ankle, man is he heavy, we stopped on the corner of 84th and 5th while our other friend went to get his car to take Marjon to the emergency room.

Well, it so happens that there was a fire of some sort taking place on 84th between Madison and 5th. About 4 firetrucks parked on the street and firemen all over.

I had, of course, eyed Mr. Johnson before we even crossed the street. Hard to describe him but was such 'the man'. As we were waiting on the other side he came over and started asking if we needed any help or an ambulance. We told him how our friend had gone for his car and so he stood with us a couple of more minutes looking down at the foot and talking with us.

He was so lucky that my friend was leaning on me otherwise Marjon would have fallen to the floor as I flung my body on this daddy of a fireman. Sadly I behaved and helped my friend to the car and they zoomed on down the street, I didn't go because it was a convertible and there was no room. By this time Johnson was gone and I just walked on down the street, but I NEVER FORGET.

Monday, July 18, 2005


Coffee this morning facing Molly Shannon this morning. She still looks the same. Was very pleasant to the staff also.


Sunday, July 17, 2005


Can a heterosexual man trust his woman more than a homosexual man can trust his man? I mean trust with heart and soul.

I would like to hear some responses to this question.

Google Earth: Program

What can I say about Google Earth? It is fun. It is cool. It is a total waste of time that I will keep enjoying on rainy days and late nights.

Go download yourself a copy and join the craziness.

One of those Moments:

One of those moments is what I had last week on the subway as I was headed uptown to Central Park...I do believe it was on Monday. Forgive the lateness of this post but seemed silly to write it but can't get it out of my head.

I was sitting on the C train on my way to 86th Street and CPW (Central Park West, for non-New Yorkers). I had just sat down in one of the double seats opposite the end cabin for the conductor.

I pulled out my magazine and started to read because I had a good 50 blocks to ride.

Not 2 minutes after my head went down did I see someone all the sudden standing against the conductor door. I could just feel they were there and so I slowly looked up from the magazine which I held near my lap.

Slowly I looked up to see some blue slacks, then a gun, then a belt, then a nice blue shirt with a badge that went up to the hottest cop/daddy face I have seen in so long. And he fit that uniform well.

Just as my eyes met his and I thought I was going to have a little trouble getting off at my stop, if you know what I mean, he moved to the next car.


I was not however heartbroken because the memory of looking up from his knees to the chest to the face have gone through my mind a good 20 times since then. Damn, if I could only get that name tag clear in my head.

Let me tell you, at certain times of the year you can see that NY does in fact have some really hot cops. Not just the big fat ones you see most of the time....but that subject is a whole other posting. Maybe I will do that one soon.

Transport Me, Mr. Man.

So. Another Transporter Movie. Transporter 2. Another reason for me to sit and watch Jason Stratham kick, shoot and drive his way out of trouble that he didn't ask for.

Last time they threw in a cute little Asian girl to be a love interest as to make the film not just a homosexuals wet dream. This time they have some blond crazy bitch running around in her Victoria Secret garters as outerwear.

God help us.

But as a diehard fan of the first and especially the oil fight and the bus ass kicking I will be in line for this one as well..

Damn is that man hot.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Batman & Bathrooms

Monday after volleyball I was up for seeing a movie, I know, I said I would see Murderball this weekend but I never got to it. Batman Begins made the list instead. I had been dying to see it. I love Christian Bale.

As a comic book kid since I was 6 or 7 I had always read them, loved them just for what they were. I had hundreds but I wasn't a collector. Just a kid with a 2 tv boxes of comics that my mother wanted thrown away. She eventually got her wish.

The movie was great in my eyes. Better than even the first one with Jack Nicholson. I loved the very dark aspects of Bruce Wayne and Batman, both individually and as one. Loved the scene at Arkan with Batman and Scarecrow.

Was a little disappointed in Katie Holmes but it could just be the overexposure of late. The kiss at the end though did seem more authentic than what I have seen her and Tom swapping any time a camera is present.

I do look forward to what I hope will be a new line of movies done in this manner.

I also looked forward to going to the bathroom after that was over. I had to pee like a race horse, not sure what they means because I have never seen one run to the bathroom. But it is a saying we all know, so.....

I usually wouldn't go into bathroom details but there is a small story here.

I went, did my business and as I was walking to the sink a guy walked in. Hot. Blondish curly hair, about 28-30, dressed pretty similar to me, khaki shorts, polo. I had on my LiveStrong band he had on a cap. I can deal with that. He was Hot. He checked me out. Smiled. Walked to the end urinal. Stood a good “foot” from it and I can only assume started to do his business. Not sure. Because I didn't want to stare or anything, but when I did look down there he was standing hand holding, peeing and looking right at me. Just makes you feel good.

Now I am a good boy so nothing, absolutely nothing happened except an exchange of smiles and knowing.

But it did bring to mind a little episode, very similar that happened to me at Tulane University a couple of years ago when I was down there for a volleyball tournament. A gay tournament so if you were in the student center you would have known it was going on. You could look right down at us from different levels of the gym.

Same scenario, bathroom except it was at the student athletic center where we were playing. I go in start to do my business and I see this hot athletic trainer I had seen earlier, I only know that is what he did because it said it on the back of his shirt, that I later threw on the ground. Kidding, kidding. God I wish.

But we were both going at the same time. I try not to look over but I do and just as I turn he moves so far from the urinal if he had been peeing it would have been on the floor. He was proudly showing me some of the best “stuff” I have seen in a long time. The stuff dreams are made of. Haha. I entered that bathroom “ a man” and left “ a mess”. Volleyball was the last thing on my mind at that point in time from then there on. But I didn't see him again after that.

But, just in case he has come out or could possibly be reading this: I will be visiting Tulane University come January. Look me up.

See always nice to end these posts with a nice image in your mind. Well, hell, who care about your mind. I know my mind is feeling very euphoric right now.


Flow of Late

So I have a lot to catch up on since I last wrote anything down here.

Just so you know this entry is picking up basically from Saturday the 9th of July until present.

Last time I was writing I was not in the best place....believe me, I am now. After getting re-pissed as it were last night I am more than fine with everything now. I won't even go into what made me so pissed. But I hope you know why I was if you are reading this. End of that.

So. What next? Well, I have been downloading music lately, don't ask me if it is illegal or legal. But I was just throwing in names of people and getting some of the songs that my program sent back. One of the songs that came back was Tim McGraw's “Live Like You Were Dying”. That has now become my new mantra. It is so true and if you don't know it or just think country sucks or whatever; find it, listen to it and think about it. I just wish someone else hadtwo weeks ago. Damn, stop it.

So I thought I would start off with two hotties that caught my eye this week. Chris Cairns and Tino Martinez.

Chris Cairns is a hot daddy from New Zealand who is a celebrated cricket player down there. I do believe I saw his picture on Outsports or some similar site and I was soon searching the net for a couple of pictures. It was a fast, not very in-dpeth search so I didn't come up with much but I found one or two that made me happy.

Now Tino Martinez is another story. Hot. Daddy. Yankee. Hot. Sexy. Man. Coffee drinker. Yes, he drinks coffee, well most New Yorkers do but most aren't in person in front of me in line at the Starbucks downstairs from my apartment. I had walked in last Sunday morning with my “friend” Edward (EK), we shall get back to EK, and low and behold there was Tino getting his order. I think I actually leaned on EK to keep from running over and just hugging him. Sadly he got his order, no one asked any questions and he left. But man is he one hot man. Nice smile because he did know he had been recognized.

Back to EK. Oh dear Edward. He had his first and possibly only mention back in my birthday posting. If you know when that is you can read about what he did for me on my special day.

Anyway, last week, I do believe it was on Saturday I went out. My first night out since the “break”. Ran into a handful of people. Many asking where I had been and what I was up to. I really just hung out with my friend Hal and other volleyball people who came in.

But out of nowhere here comes EK just strutting through the crowd, cocky as ever (one of those things you have to love about him) and stops right by me. Now I had done Edward wrong after New Years because I had been overwhelmed with his feelings towards me. I had stopped calling and returning calls. Yes, I was awful, but in that time I had gone back out with an ex in Boston and then out of the blue there was Schawn. No excuse either way. We talked, drank, walked around and then ate, he was drunk, I offered to take him home so he didn't have to drive back to Jersey. I would never allow that, shit that is a long ass drive.

So that explains why he was with me Sunday morning around 10:30 when we saw Tino. That reminds me I have to call him.

So the days have been filled with volleyball, weekends from about 1pm-8:30pm, so if you want to know where I am you can usually find me. Weekdays it is the same, from about 5pm-8:30pm. Not sure about this up and coming weekend though because the rain storm is supposed to hit us tomorrow or Saturday and make for a sucky weekend.

But back to what has been going on.

Sunday after seeing Tino and playing all day I went out on my ex's boat. I had slept on it before but I hadn't been on it since it came back up to New York this May. He is chartering it out as well as living on it. I am really happy for him because as I found out on Sunday he is quite happy in where he is right now. Dating a guy he really likes, happy with the living/chartering the boat situation out of both Jersey City and Miami (in the NY off season). He even wants to set me up on a blind date with a friend of his. We shall see. Go check out his site (Prana Sailing)for his boat and believe me it is a great boat. I sailed it down to the Newport harbor that night. Great night to be out on the water, only bad part was waiting for the Path train to take me back to the city once we got down there.

Actually in the midst of writing this post I decided to break it up into a number of different postings so I dont' have to be sitting here all day.

Talk to you soon.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Been Waiting Months for....

Murderball. I do think I have mentioned this movie before. I won't go back to see if I did or didn't I will just continue now about it. Don't worry, it will be short.

Movie about, well, guess it is about human stories involving men in this Quad Rugby league. Seems like it takes a lot of balls and I have to say Mark Zupan is a major hottie.

It opened this weekend. I swear this will be my first movie of the summer. I will be talking about it by Monday.

So Good It Hurts

One thing I like to do is laugh. If you can make me crack up/laugh out loud or just get me to giggle I will probably like you right off the bat.

Not really talking about people I know in this case, but that holds to for them too.

I am referring to comedians/actors. And for the past 4-5 years the one that can make me laugh just by saying a couple of words is Mo'Nique.

I can watch her in a comedy special, on The Parkers, in movies or just on Showtime at The Apollo and somewhere along the line she is just too much for me to take. I hurt from laughter.

You know you know her. Don't feel guilty. Enjoy her and let her make you feel good too.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Break Up

How many times have we told ourselves, “NEVER AGAIN”?

Be it getting hurt, hurting someone, smoking, drinking, cheating, being a mean person, being too nice of a person(that hurts the most actually) because you know that they will all come back to bite you in the ass.

Well, I opened up again. I really opened up to someone who I thought I would really be able to grow with. Someone I loved quick and hard. I gave all and he “thought” he couldn't/didn't give enough.

God, it pisses me off when someone thinks they know what I am thinking, what I need and what I am not getting from something.

I have been in NYC for 11 years, pretty much my whole adult life and I have grown hard, very hard except when it comes to love. I will always give it a chance. It is the one thing that can make us truly happy when the rest of our life may be going to hell in a hand basket.

11 years of opening up and then closing back up when I learned that I wasn't right or that he wasn't right for me.

Well, like I said it has happened again. Not going to rehash what went on, because that isn't fair to him since I have spoken about him on here a lot. But I am hurt more now than I was when he “EMAILED” me. Yes, we spoke on the phone right after that email but only because I was “beyond” pissed just for the fact it was an email. You can understand that, right?

Well, in my dramatic sense of putting song to situation here is what is loaded into my ex's gift of an ishuffle to me:

Fighter: Christina Aguillera – No, he wasn't that bad but it is more about me learning from the situation and lifting my head and being stronger from it.

Cry Baby, Take Another Piece of My Heart: Melissa Etheridge/Joss Stone – Just because this song lets you rip your guts out with that primal scream. Plus it makes many points between the two songs.

How Do You (Mend a Broken Heart): Rev. Al Greeene – Can't be more self-explanatory that that.

It will hurt but I won't stay mad, that just isn't me.

The one thing that will take time again is feeling like I can open up to someone and trust them with my feelings again.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Another Fave. Revisited.

So I know I have mentioned grounded as my coffee shop/cafe of choice in my 'hood, but I don't think I have spoken openly about my addiction.

It is soft, moist, and rich.

No, you know I am not writing about coffee, but I have fallen under the lustiness of their Chocolate Loaf Bread.

If I am there long enough, after my initial coffee and bagel I will get a slice. Nothing wrong with that. Then that is when I get sneaky. I tend to watch who is behind the counter, hoping someone else will take over the register for awhile so when I am ready to get that second, and this time I have guilt about it, slice I am not looked at like a chocolate fiend.

Jen, the owner, knows of my love and said to me the other day, “It is just bread. And a shit load of chocolate.” Guess that explains why I am bouncing off the walls at all hours.

Sometimes I just stop in just to take a piece home with me.

orangic coffee and tea house
28 jane street

How I Spent the Afternoon.