Sunday, July 17, 2005

One of those Moments:

One of those moments is what I had last week on the subway as I was headed uptown to Central Park...I do believe it was on Monday. Forgive the lateness of this post but seemed silly to write it but can't get it out of my head.

I was sitting on the C train on my way to 86th Street and CPW (Central Park West, for non-New Yorkers). I had just sat down in one of the double seats opposite the end cabin for the conductor.

I pulled out my magazine and started to read because I had a good 50 blocks to ride.

Not 2 minutes after my head went down did I see someone all the sudden standing against the conductor door. I could just feel they were there and so I slowly looked up from the magazine which I held near my lap.

Slowly I looked up to see some blue slacks, then a gun, then a belt, then a nice blue shirt with a badge that went up to the hottest cop/daddy face I have seen in so long. And he fit that uniform well.

Just as my eyes met his and I thought I was going to have a little trouble getting off at my stop, if you know what I mean, he moved to the next car.


I was not however heartbroken because the memory of looking up from his knees to the chest to the face have gone through my mind a good 20 times since then. Damn, if I could only get that name tag clear in my head.

Let me tell you, at certain times of the year you can see that NY does in fact have some really hot cops. Not just the big fat ones you see most of the time....but that subject is a whole other posting. Maybe I will do that one soon.

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