Thursday, July 21, 2005

Burn'in Up

Okay, so I wasn't burning up except for the crazy weather we have had the last two weeks but boy was I getting hot when I met one of NYC's Bravest, Fireman Johnson at 84th and 5th Avenue.

After helping my friend Marjon down the hill from the park after he badly sprained his ankle, man is he heavy, we stopped on the corner of 84th and 5th while our other friend went to get his car to take Marjon to the emergency room.

Well, it so happens that there was a fire of some sort taking place on 84th between Madison and 5th. About 4 firetrucks parked on the street and firemen all over.

I had, of course, eyed Mr. Johnson before we even crossed the street. Hard to describe him but was such 'the man'. As we were waiting on the other side he came over and started asking if we needed any help or an ambulance. We told him how our friend had gone for his car and so he stood with us a couple of more minutes looking down at the foot and talking with us.

He was so lucky that my friend was leaning on me otherwise Marjon would have fallen to the floor as I flung my body on this daddy of a fireman. Sadly I behaved and helped my friend to the car and they zoomed on down the street, I didn't go because it was a convertible and there was no room. By this time Johnson was gone and I just walked on down the street, but I NEVER FORGET.

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