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Hanging at Elsa's on E 3rd. Ooops, break 4 the loo.

Things are so pretty at Chelsea Garden Center(44th/10th)

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Green Tea Gingerale tastes like Green tea with Gingerale but still weird.

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Go tell your story or listen to someone's in Lincoln Center. Http://

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Had to walk Kozmo. Nice out. Tourists all over taking pictures.

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That is a lot of water in a 2 days. Flowers look good though.

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You Can See....

where I was after the show from my posting last night but this is where I was beforehand.

Distracted, a great show, just felt very modern to me. It is about the struggle of a family trying to deal with their child who is/could be with A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder)

I saw an interview with the writer who said it is about being diagnosed with A.D.D. in an A.D.D. world. Who is normal and who is really in need or care/medication? I don't think we will ever know but as u will see in the show people deal with it in many ways. Many ways.

Oh and it isn't just about this one family; it would seem most of the kids in the neighborhood are on some type of A.D.D. medication of some type. Does that tell you something?

At Lansdowne Rd. After seeing "Distracted"

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