Friday, September 30, 2005

Just Another Gay Horror Movie???

"Scab" - When a trick turns Ajay into a vampire, he desperately wants to convince his friends to become bloodsuckers too, or kill 'em trying.

That is the tagline for Scab. This new "gay" vampire movie coming out from Standing Room Productions.

I took the liberty of stringing together(through photoshop) the pictures of the cast so you can see that even if the film is bad it should be pretty hot.

And really isn't that what you want? After Hellbent came out I didn't hear about the movie but mostly about Andrew Levitas' body.

Well it is up to you now. Go check out the trailer, the website and look for it coming your way soon.

Paul & Frank

Came across this video of two very straight friends and how they explain how straight they are. They will go to any extreme to prove it.




1) Go skydiving.
2) Fall head over heals for someone and vice versa.
3) Travel throughout Europe.
4) Take an RV around the USA.
5) Get friends together for a really good vacation (non-standard trip).
6) Make a difference in someone's life.
7) Hope someone can make a difference in my life.


1) Cook a mean lamb chop and lasagna (separately)
2) Make people smile
3) Be a really good listener
4) Keep a secret
5) Kiss really well (been told so)
6) Be a good friend
7) Be spontaneous


1) Whistle.
2) Crack my own back.
3) Speak a foreign language.
4) Trust easily.
5) Drive a stick.
6) Fly (not yet anyway).
7) Quit my job.


1) Masculine
2) Smart
3) Muscular/Athletic build
4) Ambitious
5) Funny
6) Hairy
7) Tall


1) Right (or as Pablo says, “Reigh”)
2) He-He-Hello
3) WHAT?
4) Love ya.
5) What's your name again? (just kidding).
6) Your nuts.
7) Well, let me know if you want my help.


1) Dennis Quaid
2) Jason Statham
3) Aiden Shaw
4) Tino Martinez
5) Edward Norton
6) Marat Safin
7) Christian Bale

Funny Papers

Arrest Me Officer

Now for those friends of mine who live in the Garden State, well I think I need to be coming to your cities and getting in some trouble. Well, as long as they promise that one of these fine officers, the men please, will be coming to make me spread eagle, do a thorough pat search and then do as they may.

Go check out the site and purchase a calendar. I always knew that there were bodies like those under those uniforms.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Couple of Lines that Fit Me of Late.

"I wish I could quit you."

" I'm not sure what I want, other than to stop missing him so bad. And I haven't figured out how to do that just yet."

Not sure why I am writing these down right now but it is on my mind. Think it helps actually. These are exactly how I have been feeling for a while now.

Ms Kim Goes Bye-Bye

Well, Lil Kim I guess I should say.
We shall see you in about 9-10 months I assume.
Think of this as your Hustle & Flow.
You can come out of there with a good cd, maybe two.
Then again I am not sure if you write your stuff or not.

For those not in the know, Lil Kim starts her perjury sentence of 1 year and 1 day.
So I guess we won't see her in 9-10 months. Damn, girl better work while your in there.

Did I just post a dirty picture or is that shadow I see?

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Problem Solved

Why does it seem that everything that I am loving lately is so remotely stupid and funny in the funniest way?

I have found the problem to all our problems, well at least the Maury Povich, Ricky Lake and of course Jerry Springer problems.....Extreme Dodgeball.

This show is so serious in the physicality of things. These people want to take off heads, even though a hit to the head doesn't count towards knocking a person out of the game. It just hurts like hell. Watch this show, listen to these balls hitting the wall, these guys have been working out.

Not really the hot types in the game, more the slightly couch pototo type. You know, the ones that have about 10-15 extra pounds from watching the game on tv. That didn't come out right, I would remove it if I allowed myself to edit these posts. Oh well.

Anyway catch it on the Game Show Network. You will go back for more.


What the fark is it with me and these damn light night posts? The world must be thinking that I have been out partying and all this fabulousity has been happening that I just can post at 2:31am. Well it hasn't. Did nothing tonight but sit here, talk to some friends in Europe and watch some stupid tv.

There are some things that I want to share with you though. Some you might have to do a little reading to gain more information some are rather straightforward and stupid funny.

One is this Quicktime movie I found. Anyone who has spent anytime in the NYC gay ghetto will either love it or hate it. Click here for what I think is a good laugh.

The second is a piece that was written regarding a certain high school-ish situation that is going on between some bloggers, one of which I read, the other is someone who apparently is too PC for words. I have mentioned Rocco on here before because his writings are funny, stupid, crazy and very, very, very un-PC. If this place isn't for being stupid and human than what is it for.

Third is similar to the second. I mentioned the Kathy Griffin: Life on the D-List show in my most recent posts. In one episode she talks about Rene Zelleweger in her act describing her as a “puffy coke whore”. In a later episode Rene sends Kathy, personally, a huge/expensive flower arrangement. The whole episode Kathy wonders what does this mean? Does it mean....lets be friends? Don't fuck with me? Killing you with kindness?
By the end of the episode they had figured that Rene had the upperhand in the situation that was once non-existant.

Just sharing.

Oh, while I am sharing tell me how to get through the movie, “Die, Mommy, Die”. I love Charles Busch but this movie is nothing like “Psycho Beach Party”. That movie rocks. An all-time fave.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Favorite Quote:

"Your like a lobster in the pot. Your thrilled that the water is getting toasty." Lisa Kudrow in The Object of Beauty.

I was watching this movie last night and this line just cracked me up as soon as she said it. I wrote it down and now it is just reverberating in my head.

How Could I Forget This?

I have been waiting for the trailer for Brokeback Mountain to come out for months now.

I watched it earlier this week, a couple of times, and it was worth the wait.

Now, I just have to make it until the movie arrives on the steps of our fair Multiplex...or more likely the Quad.

Having never read the "novella" that the movie is based on I have no real idea about the characters other than what I see in the trailer. This movie certainly seems like it could very well be today with the subject matter. Falling in love but doing what is right in light of society, but in the end knowing that this love won't go away. If this movie is as powerful as they say then I am sure, if Hollywood can see past the gay/bi subject, it will be around come Oscar time.

Come on it is Ang Lee after all.

Finally A Scary Movie for Me

Every 23rd spring for 23 days, it gets to eat. Those 23 days aren't over and the Creeper has a school bus load of champion basketball players in his sights for some regenerative snacks in "Jeepers Creepers 2."

That is the tagline for this sequel. And yes, I did see the first and I liked it just as much as the second.

This post comes courtesy of a pizza dinner I had the other day with 5 other people from the Central Park volleyball group. We went over to my friend Gian's house and sat, ordered pizza, and just talked for a good couple of hours. It was a nice night.

The subject of horror/scary movies came up and it was funny that no one but Mike had a scary movie that really spooked them. His of course was The Exorcist; hello, his is a nice Catholic boy. He was allowed his movie on that basis.

Now I haven't had a movie that made me jump or kept me glued to the screen since Prom Night back in 1980 when it came out.

I remember I didn't actually see it for a couple years after it came out, but once it came on cable television it was a movie I loved and hated. It scared me. Made it hard to sleep. Maybe because it was dark, you didn't know who the killer was and the killer was very much human.

He wasn't supernatural (special powers, immortal or anything else). He was just out for revenge.

I never got to see it more than a couple of times because my sister always wanted to watch tv with me and I wasn't allowed to watch it with her in the room.

My taste hasn't changed but the story with Jeepers Creepers 2 is that he is supernatural, but in a very human way. Like the title line reads, every 23 years it gets 23 days to feed. It is just doing what it needs to do to survive.

I don't know which one I would fear more. I guess the Creeper cause he could fly and can't really be killed, but then again he didn't hang out around the dark corner waiting for you either.

Geez!!! You can't win in horror.

Still Sexy and On His Game

This man just can not stop.

He came back from being down 2-0 against James Blake (also an incredible player with a great story). Tied 2 sets a piece; Andre beat James in a tie break 5th seat that went into the early morning hours. He just doesn't quit. A good way to live.

Take it all Andre.
I'm still behind you.

US Open

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Ups

Make me happy:

Venus beat Serena last Sunday. Being a more lean volleyball player I will always go for the athletic build over the big muscle. Too bad she lost soon after, but still glad because people have been counting her out. Saying Serena is better and if I had bet on their match I know I would have made a lot of money. You know she was the dark horse in that match.

The Harry Connick video on NBC Today Show earlier this week
. The story remains sad but seeing him take the time to help his dad's neighbor and then take off his shirt and cover the man while doing it. Oh that is when I became happy. Shirtless. My god, why didn't the producers/writers of Will & Grace give him a bed scene or a shower scene? Maybe they would have found a reason for him to stay. Can anyone say BEEF? I know I can. WOOF. (I hope it is still up online by the time this comes around.)

My new guilty pleasure: Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List.
Oh my god, not for a long time have I laughed out loud at just the craziest things. Nothing beats Kathy and her writer friends sitting around discussing topics. You are bound to bend over laughing. This show is made for the bitchy gay men out there who love to laugh. Wait, no, I am not bitchy, am I?

The last thing that has made me happy but still a little concerned is the news I got today from Mark. He told me that he is going to go to New Orleans to give his medical expertise to the Red Cross. He could go as early as tomorrow. He is just waiting for them to call and tell him when and where he leaves from. Mark, be careful. Proud of you for being one of those who can offer what they have. As you know I wish I could but I don't think marketing is what they need right now.

If your reading this and want to help you can always donate or check your local Red Cross Chapters.

Oh yeah, to my BIG RED MAN...................HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

My Downs:

Katrina. Need I say more. My down is the down for most people across this country but you can read about that in a future post. Probably up later today.

Katrina, once again. She has me not being able to reach my friend Tony who went to Tulane with his wife. He was to live down there with her family while he went to school. I know he has this link so if he should be reading please email. I tried sending last week but haven't heard back yet.

Last Katrina for this particular posting. If your a media whore like I am then you already saw these photos and their captions. If not read them closely. This is what pisses people off about the media and what, I think, first made this whole catastrophe into a racial issue. (Click on it to get a larger version)

Next would be George Bush taking advantage of everyone paying attention to the Hurricane by having Chief Justice Rehnquist killed and nominating Roberts as his successor all in the same breath. Okay, so maybe he didn't have him killed but it does seem convenient, huh?

Finally I want to say rest in peace to a man I will always know as Gilligan even though I do believe he was Doby Gillis long before. Bob Denver left us at the age of 70 earlier this week.

Hello, Birthday is Coming...Start Saving Now.

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