Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My Ups

Make me happy:

Venus beat Serena last Sunday. Being a more lean volleyball player I will always go for the athletic build over the big muscle. Too bad she lost soon after, but still glad because people have been counting her out. Saying Serena is better and if I had bet on their match I know I would have made a lot of money. You know she was the dark horse in that match.

The Harry Connick video on NBC Today Show earlier this week
. The story remains sad but seeing him take the time to help his dad's neighbor and then take off his shirt and cover the man while doing it. Oh that is when I became happy. Shirtless. My god, why didn't the producers/writers of Will & Grace give him a bed scene or a shower scene? Maybe they would have found a reason for him to stay. Can anyone say BEEF? I know I can. WOOF. (I hope it is still up online by the time this comes around.)

My new guilty pleasure: Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List.
Oh my god, not for a long time have I laughed out loud at just the craziest things. Nothing beats Kathy and her writer friends sitting around discussing topics. You are bound to bend over laughing. This show is made for the bitchy gay men out there who love to laugh. Wait, no, I am not bitchy, am I?

The last thing that has made me happy but still a little concerned is the news I got today from Mark. He told me that he is going to go to New Orleans to give his medical expertise to the Red Cross. He could go as early as tomorrow. He is just waiting for them to call and tell him when and where he leaves from. Mark, be careful. Proud of you for being one of those who can offer what they have. As you know I wish I could but I don't think marketing is what they need right now.

If your reading this and want to help you can always donate or check your local Red Cross Chapters.

Oh yeah, to my BIG RED MAN...................HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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