Saturday, September 10, 2005

Problem Solved

Why does it seem that everything that I am loving lately is so remotely stupid and funny in the funniest way?

I have found the problem to all our problems, well at least the Maury Povich, Ricky Lake and of course Jerry Springer problems.....Extreme Dodgeball.

This show is so serious in the physicality of things. These people want to take off heads, even though a hit to the head doesn't count towards knocking a person out of the game. It just hurts like hell. Watch this show, listen to these balls hitting the wall, these guys have been working out.

Not really the hot types in the game, more the slightly couch pototo type. You know, the ones that have about 10-15 extra pounds from watching the game on tv. That didn't come out right, I would remove it if I allowed myself to edit these posts. Oh well.

Anyway catch it on the Game Show Network. You will go back for more.

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