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How I Spent the Afternoon.


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Have You Ever.....

just wanted to cry and you can't?

Ever feel like you just don't remember how?

Lately I think I just can't anymore. I have been let down a number of times lately, just loving/hating my life, being happy with what I have/wanting more out of myself but you would think at least once I something would come out of me. At least a glassy eye; nothing.

I know I am incredibly guarded at all times and I am the one people honestly love to be around because I make you feel good about yourself, but I am starting to think that being that person really does take its toll on me personally. I don't know why. Maybe it is just the giving; what is really left for me.

Now I am not saying it is anyone's fault but my own. In the phrasing of Vincent from last season's Project Runway, " I don't know but it gets me off". I do like to make people feel good.

Maybe it is I am just saturated with what people say is Real NY. NYC is so real. NYC is about as real as Los Angele…