Saturday, May 14, 2005

Baring a Little More.

So I have been trying to do this update for about 4 days but the last time I started and got half way through I ended up having to restart the computer and forgetting to save what I had written, but lets hope this will be even better than that.

Tuesday Night:
Went to dinner at Xing with my friend, Kile. Sat next to Kile's friend Jerry Mitchell who happens to be the creator and choreographer of Broadway Bares. That is the new poster for this years fundraiser above. A really cool guy as was Erik, his dinner companion.

The food was still good but it wasn't as great as it was when I was there with Schawn.

One thing that I found out was that the family that owns Xing also owns Fluff(my dessert/marshmallow spot), Therapy, Barrage, Vynl and Hell's Kitchen (the restaurant, not the entire neighborhood).

Spoke to Schawn because he actually was at the movies Tuesday late afternoon/evening. He went to a screening of Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I knew he was excited because while he was here anytime the commercials were on he was watching to see if there were any new things added to the commercials. He said it was as good as “The Empire Strikes Back”.

His excitement for the movie has made it a must see for me. Maybe I should get a quick viewing of Episodes I & II first.

My afternoon consisted of a matinée of “Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?”. Great play. Loved the topics, the actors and I even loved all the old people who were at the matinée.

Later that evening was the goodbye for a volleyball player Lew who is going to the Bay Area for the summer. So it was just really an excuse to get together because he is back before the end of summer actually.

Hey guys in SF, treat him well because he is a super sweet, sexy, single guy.

Oh yeah, he likes tall guys.

Rest of the week went like clockwork but today, Saturday, was just a great day. The weather, even though there was rain in the forecast, was just great. Sunny, but not too hot. I was in Central Park playing volleyball really for the first time this season. Fun.

Just finished talking to my guy who is on his way to a dinner party. Always lifts me up to chat with him if he isn't here. But then again we are going to just talk again later when he gets back home.

I am up and waiting.

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