Friday, June 15, 2007

Share Your Myspace With Me

So this is ME.
Come check me out, see my friends, read the stupid blip about me.
Really this is for those who wonder who I am a little more and yes, there are pictures.
Also, if you feel like it, request a friendship with me or one of my sexy friends/crushes.

I will tell you though should you ever spam me I will hunt you down and never let you forget it.

Love is All Around.

I need a new sweater or new pictures. One or the other.

1 comment:

Baiaz said...

You are cute... and look like a great guy..

that impression I have got from reading your blogg...

Would like to see more pictures of you - before you get as old as me..and your looks are failing... hahhahahah Take care!


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