Thursday, June 14, 2007

Journey to Hell's Gate

Well, it was actually a trip out to Astoria to a place called Hell Gate Social.
A birthday event for a friend and fellow volleyballer Everett.
Started with some confusing emails last week about the party.
Ended last night with my friend Steve and I going back and forth by text message on if we were going to go or not.
Finally we said yes and met in Chelsea(we were both over there at the time) and caught the 1 train to get to the N/W train to Astoria.
Like two kids we are riding the W train and felt like we had been on for a while when we looked out the window and saw we had not even left Manhattan yet. Boooooooo.
We finally get to Astoria Blvd, our stop and de-train.
After finding our way, finally, we started the unknown walk to the venue.
We were walking, and walking and walking.
Finally we found it, yes, it was a walk that we were not warned about.
We find a big black wall with red lights on it. There is a white door to teh side with the same address as we were told but something told me that the white door wasn't the entrance.
Luckily we saw a door in the black wall, really just a handle that pushed a big door into the Social.
Very nice place. Pretty empty, but for where it is I doubt it is an "every night hangout".
Big open space, nice bar, really nice wood work and an outdoor space I just loved.
Jorge and his Steve were already there. Everett, who used to work at Hell Gate Social, was in the back working the grill as any self respecting black man would be.
We had a great time, even though I was miffed that more people didn't make the effort to celebrate his birthday even if it was out in Astoria.
I mean, really, I rarely leave the city and if I can I know they can.
Good drinks, fun, cute owners and some pictures I will be sharing as soon as I get them off the camera.
For now here are a few pics from their myspace page.
I will go back to see a movie in the ourdoor area on their big screen or just with a bigger crowd.

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