Friday, June 15, 2007

Tags, Tags and More Tags

Okay, so on Blogger they are not called tags but they are called Lists.

I recently noticed that I can label the posts with different lists they they will be archived on so should you want to read on a certain subject I am talking about you can hit the List that correspondes to it.

I think I have done two pages worth of posts. I will do more each day and who knows I might work my way back to the beginning....of the year.

I do feel like this is fun to do again.

It is funny, I am feeling good. Actually I think it is because people have been telling me I am looking good.

I just say, "Duh it is summer, I had to get down to the summer weight. I just haven't been eating since April."

I will be looking for the locals in the park, the rest of you send me some photos of where you are spending your summer/winter, depending on what hemisphere you are in.

1 comment:

Baiaz said...

How can I send you pictures?

Yea.. you look good.. hot and very nice! Wish all the best for you this summer!


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