Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Summer Look....

Testing out a few new looks for the summer.
Not sure about the color selection but I will keep trying.
Keep checking back daily and let me know in the next couple of days which one you like the most and that will be the one that stays.

Wednesday's template is Stretched Denim.

Also testing out photos in the header of the blog(where the title is, we are finally able to do that on Blogger). Let me know if there is anything decent you would want to see in there. Remember I can go take a picture of most anything you want to see. But still want to keep it within the color scheme that ends up here for the next couple of months.

1 comment:

Baiaz said...

Cant wait to see your pictures!!!!

Summer look is... something Sexy... no I dont mean NUDITY.... but sexy...

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