Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things in the Men's Room...

So depending on where you are when you read this post it maybe something new or something old and dated to you.

A couple of weeks ago I saw one of those Dyson commercials, but this time it was not for one of their uber-cool vacuums but for a ‘revolutionary’ hand drying system.

Everything with them is a system.

Commercial was fast and I wasn’t on the tv with the dvr when I saw it so it came and went, but I did get the gist of the idea.

Cool. Yeah, it seemed cool.

About a week after I was walking around just after the holidays when I had the urge to stop into a public restroom. I was near Time Warner Center so I figured where better to stop because after I could get a coffee.

So I pop up to the 2nd floor to use the men’s room when as I walk in , low and behold, on the wall is the Dyson Airblade.

I hurry and do what needs to be done and get to washing my hands. I couldn’t wait to try this out.

And it works just as promised. It worked so well that I used it twice.

It is really loud though.

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