Monday, January 21, 2008

That's So Gay

So I was chatting with Schawn recently when I found out what is clearly the gayest thing about me: my ipod play list.

Now I have 8 playlists but one is super cute and the other is just pure gay and I love it.

The super cute on; Disney.
Part of Your World
Colors of the Wind
A Whole New World (both versions)
One Jump Ahead
Reflections (Christina A.)
And how can u not love a bunch of disney songs from the last 10-15 years or so. Mostly Aladdin and a little bit of Mulan, Pocahantas and Little Mermaid.

The super gay one; Runway.

I Got It From My Mama
Get Me Bodied
Sexyback (Dirty version)
Whatever U Like
Way I Am
Freedom '90
Free Your Mind
Faster Kill Pussycat (Britney Murphy/Paul Oakenfold)
Shut Up & Drive
Good Luck
Lady Marmelade
Hey Mr. DJ
Wait a Minute
Don't Stop the Music
When I Get You Alone
Gimme More

No, they are not all hard stomping songs but there is enough attitude there to get me from Murray Hill to Columbus Circle, down to Chelsea and back without missing a beat or a step.

My friend and teammate Claire went through the playlists at last weeks team dinner and told me she could so believe that they were mine and also that I had to send her all the Disney songs for her Nano.

So aside from who I love that is probably the gayest thing about me, unless someone out there thinks they know something else that would take that title?

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