Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Header Picture

Early December I had edited down a photo from my Facebook/Blog/Podcast friend, Trunk Guy. I, of course, asked before I did it not wanting any creative licensing problems.

Here is the cropped photo:
Here is the real photo beforehand:
Then last week or so, after the holidays I thought it was time to take down the pretty photo and start with something fresh and a little darker for the rest of the holidays.

Damien Hirst has a display up in the lobby of the Lever House
on Park Avenue. I had no idea when I walked over to photograph the lobby; I usually stop in to see what new displays they have up. Here is the link to another lobby display from the past.

Here is the current header for my blog:
Here is the original I took about a week and a half ago:
I started doing this last summer and I think I will keep changing the header, gives me a purpose when out looking at shots but usually I can take pictures and then find the header within later on.

Blah, blah, blah.

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Trunk Guy said...

I like the new header mr - you really do have a keen eye for detail. I look forwrd to see how it changes through the year.

I am am honoured to be called your friend...

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