Monday, January 14, 2008

Oh Celebrity life....

Last week, yes it is another last week event, I was walking through the West Village heading up Hudson Street. I reached an area known for the tour buses to take a break and let off their gawkers for a walk around and of course for some cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.

Funny to me how New Yorkers pretty much let celebs live among us and don't really pay that much attention, but can you imagine living so close to one of these stops that you practically feel you have to run home.

Well this particular day I was practically run down my a Ms Julianne Moore as she was trying to cross the street before she was recognized. But really, how can you not recognize her. She is as fabulous in person as she is on film.

Just a little taste of NY for you guys.
Nothing spectacular, just life on the street.

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The Lonely Optimist said...

Magnolia Bakery is amazing...oddly, I also saw Ms. Moore last time I was in NYC, sitting on a park bench in the west village, pretending that nobody noticed her...

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