Friday, January 11, 2008

Facebook Friend and Mr Gay Ireland???

Well it is true and I am just finding out myself.

My poke buddy, if you are on Facebook you know what I mean, Barry is apparently Ireland's contestant for International Mr Gay 2008.

I stumbled upon this fact as I was reading one of my favorite blog/sites out of France, OhLaLa Mag.

Apparently Oh La La Mag is hosting the online voting competition to decide the winners. You can log on daily and vote for your favorite. Well, I should say every 24hours. The best part is there is no need to register at all.

So stop on in, check out the site and then click the banner at the top to take you to the page of contestants, or you can just click here and I will do it for you.

Good Luck Barry, not that you will need it.

On another note, my friend Josh who I have known for a quite a few years now is currently the runner-up for Mr Gay USA. But as we all know, should the winner be unable to complete his/her duties the runner-up will take his/her place.

Not saying I am hoping for a scandal to his Mr Gay USA but would be nice to see Josh get his chance.

Just look at him, and yes, he is just as sweet and nice as he is hot.

Sadly he just told me that he will probably be moving to LA, contest or not. I will miss my boo.

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