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Stuck in the Big Lonely, Smoking Apple.

Around 6:21pm Thursday night I was texting my friend Ren who was somewhere in midtown to tell him I was heading down to the volleyball gym.

At 6:22pm I received a call asking me where I was and could I get over to the movies at 42nd and 8th by 6:30 for a movie screening?

"What movie?"


"I will be there as fast as I can."

I got to the movie theater by 6:40 on the L train. That is the quickest I have gotten anywhere going across town in this city.

We got in, the movie started like a minute or two beforehand. We hadn't missed anything it was clear.

Not going into any kind of details, since it literally comes out in a few hours, but I will say I liked the idea. Now if it was me in the situation I don't know if I would do what the characters did but you can't fault them in under the circumstances.

My one HUGE problem with the movie was the locations they used. They went from being on Spring Street to being at 59th street in what seems like moments while walking in a dark tunnel and then they leave said building, in the middle of what is craziness, to exit out pretty much next to Grand Central.

Being in NYC for 13 years, hell be here for a week, you know that locations in the city need to be respected. With no public transportation, cars, cabs or whatever this can be a slow city.

Now I also recently, in the past week, watched "I AM LEGEND".

This movie gave me NYC. Gave me all kinds of locations and I loved seeing the desolation of it all.

These two movies made me think one thing; NYC is really a sitting duck for whatever comes our way. We are an island and it only take moments to cut us off totally from the rest of the world. I am not talking communications, I mean isolated totally alone on this island because there is no way off.

That was the scariest things to me from these movies.

Makes me rethink that move to Montana people tell me often I should make; you know 'because I don't really like people'.


Wait, that was laughing in a very uncomfortable way.


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