Monday, January 28, 2008

Reality Life Saving/Ruining TV

With this spurt, make that a spew, of reality shows that are hitting the air in the wake of the writers strike I have to admit I have watched some.

Lets take it from the top:
The Biggest Loser.
I started watching this in a marathon they had last month and now I am kinda hooked. This is the kind of reality show I can get behind because people are competing to make their lives better. Healthier, happier and last of all wealthier. And I have to say it isn't like they are winning that much money. I especially love this couples idea; we all need encouragement when making changes.

The Moment of Truth.
Bryan and I watched this last week after returning from volleyball. I had sworn I would watch it once and not more than that, but I think I might have to watch the second week since they only got through one person and had just started another person. And I have to say the second person who would return in the next episode was much more interesting than the first. Hair plugs, gambling problems and in the future episode there was a question of smuggling. Hmmm, interesting.

You all know I love my Project Runway, Top Chef, Kathy Griffin, American's Next Top Model, Make Me A Supermodel. There is nothing better than to keep them all jammed into your DVR player and on a bad day just turn them on and laugh at the silliness that people will do to be on tv.

But my heart does go out to the people on The Biggest Loser. Those people are working their buts to the bone.

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