Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is it Really Necessary???

So this morning as I am going through my usual array of blogs and websites I see one that is a daily read and it sent a chill through me.

And it wasn't anything good.

We all know about the death of Heath Ledger yesterday afternoon, that is a given.
We know he was found in a Soho apartment in NYC.
We know there was a big investigation.
We know the body has to be moved by the coroner's office.

But do we need to see two, not one, but two pictures of the body bag on the gurney being wheeled out of the building to the van?

This site is the only site I have seen all day to feature these pictures.

I often like this blog, but I have actually left comments on it when I think this person, who considers himself a journalist, goes too far in my opinion.

Since blogs are about opinions and we often go off of comments left for us; I think he has gone too far yet again.

Not sure anymore where some tact comes into 'reporting'.


Anonymous said...

I used to write on my blog about politics, Human Rights... in french, when i was a student, but then i started to work and it became a lot of work... But one my resolutions in 2008 is to go back on my blog!

Since I am living in NYC now, maybe i'll post entries in English... (wow)


Christopher said...

So you should let me know what/where your blog is.

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