Sunday, June 19, 2005

Update to July 19th, 2005 12: pm Sunday Afternoon

Well, what do I really have to say at this point. Just finished writing about the whole racial disrespect that this country has laden upon its supposed second class citizens, sorry if it wasn't as deep as I promised. And I also gave you some pictures of cute boy (and the two girls) that were left at the MJ Party when I got there.

What else do you want from me?

Perhaps the story behind this picture?

Well, just like any ordinary summery weekend in the park people are out and about. Exercising, playing volleyball, basketball, lounging around, looking at the young Jewish group that gathers every Saturday late afternoon at the northwest part of the Great Lawn.

But today we ALL noticed this guy running suicides out in the grass, then switching it up to just sprints(backwards and forwards), just bending down (more than one needs to) and just when you thought you had seen enough he takes off his shirt.

Well, as I have the new camera that is attached to me at the wrist everyone says take his picture. Okay, the zoom is good but not that good. So I try. My friend Gian says it isn't good enough and since he is about to start working for Ford Models he said, “Well I can use that as a reason to take his picture.”

Gian was running over to the guy just as “the body” was putting his shirt back on. Next thing I know he takes his shirt off for Gian and hands go to hips and BAM, there is your picture. I love Gian for his ballsy ways. But a real scout would have bothered to have gotten the guys name. Gian just came right on back, without even a number.

Last night, Saturday, I went to Brite Bar to meet my friends Pablo and Rob, I think I can say now that they are the other couple I set up. Going well too. But the bar was noisy and neither of them felt good, allergies, both hyped up on Benadryl.

I had also told my friend Steve to join us, which he did, so when we left the bar we headed over to the Eagle, for “a couple of minutes”. 3 hours later we stumbled out, checked in at GYM Bar to see if anyone we knew was there, but doubted it since it was 3am already. Empty. Time for bed.

Wake up, head downtown to Grounded for some coffee and writing like a madman until I head to Central Park.

That brings me to 12:23pm.


Oh, hopefully I can take pictures tonight at Broadway Bares, if so expect some to be posted by mid-day.

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