Saturday, June 04, 2005

La Conseguenza di Amore

The weekend started early for me on Friday. I mean it started around 11am. Let me explain.

I had been promising to have lunch with my ex for weeks so I could see his new loft in the South Bronx. Now being somewhat of a Manhattan snob and having heard the history of the South Bronx I was not too much in a rush to go there. Then I found out that he is just on the other side of a foot bridge across the Harlem River it was no problem to go over.

We agreed on Friday brunch and I would go to the Italian Film Festival with him to view a movie, La Conseguenza di Amore (The Consequence of Love).

I get to the new place, which I loved and saw it was basically a loft building that is being populated by a lot of the type of people who moved out of Manhattan for lower priced, up and coming areas.

We ordered breakfast. He won't cook in the new place because until he can redo the kitchen he hates the stove and counter and so forth. Hey, he is Italian after all, but I will say he is the type who can cook a dinner from nothing.

While we waited we had our first drink and coffee.

Food came we had our second drink. Vodka and mango juice. Strange combo because the mango is so thick that they don't mix that well. But it was sweet and it was nice.

We finally left to go to Lincoln Center. Stopped in, got the tickets and still had an hour to spare so he wanted to get a drink. We went and he ordered two martinis. I had never had one till that day and now I know why. Boy did that send me for a loop, but it relaxed me greatly and I ended up sitting very relaxed in that theater chair for the movie.

Strange movie. No one seemed to like it. Pretentious.

One thing in the movie did make me think though. Rather early into the film a man was talk and walked into a sign. That brought back a memory for a couple of years ago.

We were in Ft Lauderdale for a volleyball tournament and we were walking down the street and there were about 7 of us and as we were all talking and laughing my friend Andrew walked straight into a street sign. We had such a great time that weekend and couple of days after since we all went to Miami after until Wednesday.

Sad reality: Andrew committed suicide two years ago this summer. He was a sweet guy who had his problems. I will never forget him.

Okay, sorry for that. Memories come back fast and I just tend to write them as them come.
So after the movie we went over to his office to pick up another Italian reporter who was going to go for drinks, yes again and then come with us to the 9pm movie.

We went and had our drinks, just one a piece and decided it was too late to get back by 9 so we all skipped the movie and went our separate ways.

I went home. Fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 6:15am. Damn, I don't even wake up this early on a normal day, what am I doing up this early on a Saturday.

I will say for all the drinking there was not any sign of a hangover. Think that could be because I don't drink hard that often.

It was a nice day, memories and all.

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