Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer is Almost Here.

Wow. If you were in NYC for this past weekend you are probably still wiping yourself down from the heat that greeted you as you left your building.

I am not going to be like some and proclaim that summer has arrived because we know that just a week ago we were chilly and wearing sweatshirts and such.

Weekend was fun though.

Saturday, after waking up way too early and trying to go back to sleep I ended up in Central Park, as planned and played volleyball for about 6 hours. Not sure what was in me except the alcohol but I was playing like a demon and jumping high on that swing, but then again I do prefer to play in the heat than in a cool environment. Went back Saturday night and just chilled all night. Went to sleep early and woke up early again on Sunday.

Sunday though I was able to get back to sleep.

Sat around. Then went to the park late. Was about 90 degrees so I only played a couple of games before it was just nasty out. Walked around the park with my friend Gian then we both went home to get ready to go to Hiro later that night.

Hiro was cool. The greenhouse section was basically a sauna so most people were in the open air section which made it more than crowded.

Introduced some friends to one another and then after confirming to each that the other was a good guy, in private of course, they took off together for a fun night of summer-like sexy fun. Felt like such the pimp, but really I was just the facilitator.

Gave the rest of my free drink tickets to my friend Josh and I went home.

Hot week ahead.

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