Saturday, June 11, 2005

Stormy and Captivated

Sitting around.

Freshly showered after playing volleyball in Central Park.

Looking out the window at the gray, foggy storm that has swept into town.
Ashamed to be pulled into the reality that is Strip Search.
Okay, I am not ashamed because I can tell you I will be watching this show most every time it comes on.

If you have seen the show you have to love Johnny. Such a mess but he will keep the craziness going in the show. Once he is gone I do believe the fun will be over.

I wonder if MTV's Real World/Road Rules: Inferno II is on today?

Okay, this rain needs to stop because I am supposed to be in CT tomorrow for a grass vball tournament.

Oh, but I will say I will never watch Kept. That is just trash, sorry if you like it.

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