Sunday, June 12, 2005


So between last night and about 2 minutes ago I received updates from the two friends, actually my two best friends, who I set up on a date.

I had introduced them both last year. But both were going through big changes in their lives, but each conveyed to me his interest in the other.

So now that both are here in NYC, one in Morningside Heights and the other out on Long Island I thought it was time for the actual putting them together.

So date was Friday. Morningside Heights(MH) went out to Long Island (LI) for the date. Dinner and conversation. LI drove MH back to the city, then returned to LI. Yes, they kept it clean.

Last night was talking to LI. Smitten. Was so happy. Still walking on air. Can't wait for their next date. Being careful.

Just finished talking to MH. Smitten. Had a great time. Couldn't say enough nice things about LI. Hopes their next date will be soon. Cautious.

Sounds like they are both on the same track.

LI has met Schawn. MH hasn't. MH suggested a double date on Schawn's return. He has yet to be able to give an assesment of Schawn, but he does think Schawn has killer eyes.

Funny. Sitting here thinking about my friends and come to find out that this world is indeed very small.

Last week I hooked up two friends. Then found out that one of those friends is starting to see someone I used to see.

Actually, make that two friends who are dating people I used to see.

But, gladly, I could confirm what great guys they all are. Does that make sense?

I have some good friends.

Okay, time for the park before any rain can return.

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