Monday, October 16, 2006

Catching Up: Day in Holyoke/Northhampton

So the weekend before last I had a day with no plans so I thought I would take a day trip. I got on the MetroNorth and took a ride up to New Haven. I had called my friend Cullen to hang out; one of those friends I never, ever get to see. So he wanted to go bike riding but I wanted photos of the trees and just to walk around in some small town.

Well he knew just were to go. We drove to our first stop of Holyoke, MA. His hometown that he hardly ever visits since his parents left. Holyoke as he told me is also the birthplace of volleyball. Just after he said that we saw a sign for the Volleyball Hall of Fame. So you can guess where we were going.

The Hall of Fame was nice. Sadly they were in the process or reoganizing for an induction ceremony that should taking place this coming weekend, but most everything was up and in place.

After leaving there we went to Northhampton to walk around. Cullen called it a 5 college town because there are 5 colleges in the area, Smith College being smack dab in the middle of town.

Was a great day of walking around and just taking in the gay/lesbian hippiness of the area. Yes, it is basically a town run by hippies and lesbians, I didn't see many gay men. Okay so there was the one young guy knitting something on a park bench but that could just be the influence of the area and nothing to do with sexuality.
Sadly the weather hasn't changed the trees that much up there yet. I was hoping to get better pictures of the foliage out of the trip but I still got some nice ones of the goings on.Enjoy.
To see my yahoo album of the trip, click here.

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