Sunday, October 15, 2006

Crisp Fall Day

Oh, Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest and after running around most of Saturday I was more than up for a walk through NYC with my camera in one hand and a hot Starbucks in the other.

Here is what caught my eye.

Apple has gone (RED). You would have to have been under a tree to not have heard about the Product (RED) initiative through Bono's The One Campaign.

Most of the rest of the pics from the walk are just things I saw or places I like to walk past.

In my 12 years here in NYC and all the times I had walked past this area I never really knew that Grand Army Plaza was at the SE corner of Central Park. Is the Angel reaching out for Time Warner Center?
This was actually my favorite photo of the day. It wasn't until editing that I saw the father and son working on their remote control boat to put it in the pond with the other slips.And no matter how good a day I was having I could see that between the time I walked to the park around noon and by the time I came back across 84th someone else had a day that sucked. In NYC you know the look for a broken car window on the ground.

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