Saturday, October 21, 2006

Worst First Day Ever

So this weekend I was asked, last minute(like Friday afternoon), if I could play in a volleyball tournament in Pittsburgh. This weekend. Leaving at 5pm on Friday.
But everyone knows I am a volleyball whore so I said yes, with some reservations and off I went to join the rest of the team to drive from NYC to Pittsburgh on a Friday afternoon, really early evening, during rush hour in a minivan with 5 others from the team.

We arrived in Pittsburgh and checked into the hotel around 1:30 or so and got ourselves ready for Saturday morning.

The venue. Saturday. Nice courts, nice people, friendly new and familiar faces from other cities and tournaments.

We referree the first match and then we had an off match before we played our first.

We are playing another NYC team our first match. People we know.
We are halfway through and things are not going well; but things are not out of control either.

That is when it happens. Someone comes under the net trying to hit a really bad set and down goes my opposite player, my fellow middle, Adrian. In pain. Holding his ankle. His ankle actually turned rather strangly away from his body. Everyone one is screaming it is broken, I say shut up.

About 20 minutes later an ambulance comes takes him away and we don't see him until the end of our day.

Everyone is now out eating and I am back at the hotel with Adrian waiting for the rest of our group to bring us our dinner when they are done eating out and also to bring him his pain medication.

We finished the day 4-4. Broke even luckily even though we lost our other middle and the day was never going correctly for us. Luckily we hit some teams harder than they hit us and pulled out two wins inback to back matches. Oh yeah, matches are 2 games, just for those not familiar with our pool play system.

Back to the gym tomorrow for elimination matches.

I am going to sleep, I think I maybe broke a finger or maybe really, really bruised a joint. It hurts so much but I am in no place to bitch right now.

Talk to you when I get back to NYC.

Live everyday to the fullest.

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