Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Camera Phone Fun

So I think I have mentioned my phone before on here, the Nokia 6682. I love it. My Finnish ex years ago totally got me hooked on Nokia and if possible I have had them ever since. They have some of the best mobiles out on the market, but I also have a little thing for Samsung, but their best stuff is available only in Korea.

Either way, both are good companies in my eyes, but this is about some fun pics I have been taking with my N6682. I can see how these phones can get you in trouble,haha.
My friend Sue and I had left Central Park to go over to Time Warner Center to goto the Borders Bookstore and use the restroom. We found this exhibit inside and decided to take our turn on the video screen with the falling letters.Once inside the bookstore we both just thought that this guy , who we had actually seen already downstairs in the Hugo Boss store was just hotter than hot. More on my side of the fence than Sue's though, if you know what I mean. So we had to snap a shot. Couldn't resist. Another smart, book reading hottie.And last but not least the sad picture of the day. Walking home past Carnegie Hall I found this already up between the street lights. Who said winter is already coming. Don't put up the snowflakes/Christmas light until at least November. Geesh, we haven't even had Halloween yet.

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