Saturday, October 07, 2006

Boston Starbucks

Saturday late afternoon and my captain and I were returning from our first day of play at the Boston tournament. We decide to stop at his, and my addiction, Starbucks. I thought we were just going to do what I usually do and just get it and go but we decided to stay and sit outside since it was a great day weather wise.

So James and I are sitting there at the outdoor table talking about stuff gay men talk about: men, volleyball, men, life, men. Haha.

So of course it being Starbucks there are people coming and going and we are just eyeing them up and down. This is not a Chelsea Starbucks but Boston has some cute men.

So at one point this cute guy starts walking around the corner, very cute. About 5'10, 28 or 29 years old, shaved head and tatts on his arm. I was looking at him but then I see some crazy queen walking towards the Starbucks door stumbling all over the place so I am watching and snickering at him.

By the time I get my eyes back to the tatt'd guy he is practically standing but 10 feet away and still walking and as he walks by he slows down, looks down at me and says, “Hey.” Simple as that. Hot.

Now that would have been just fine but no, James was like he was totally checking you out and you didn't do anything. Well, what can I do? Anyone who knows me knows I am way too shy to do anything about someone's feelings toward me or even just a hi.

So we continue to sit there watching people pass and maybe 5 minutes later a Jeep comes around from behind us and there is the cute guy, smiles and actually parks his car right next to James' Jeep. He couldn't have known this but I thought it was funny.

He didn't get out. He didn't do anything just sat there directly in front of me; I was facing the back of his Jeep. About 15 minutes later he left and looked and smiled again as he left. We left about 2 minutes later and James drove out the same way he did because he swore that if he was still around he was going to make me at least say hi, but he was gone and I was left with a nice little story in my head.

Sometimes that is better than if something ever happened.

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