Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Season; New Look

So summer has come and gone and I have decided to change the look of the site yet again.

I grew tired of the black, made the pictures pop with color but who wants to look at a black screen. Green is one of my favorite colors so I thought why not a splash of that to battle the gray outside skies.

Actually tomorrow, or should I say later today, in NYC is supposed to be about 68 degrees but the gray skies are not far behind.

Should have some new pics up on here soon as well as new stories to scandalize. Okay, so maybe there is no scandal on here but come on back anyway and see what is going on.

My friend Jim told me this weekend he assumed I had a intern/page scandal in my closet but as I told him; I would have to be that page. I don't go for the younger ones for the most part.

1 comment:

baiaz said...

I like the color

I`ve been to your blog again! The green color looks nice!

Nice to get to a blog that is excisting and nice to read about a guys life in my favorite city - New York.

Best regards
Morten Normann Almeland
Oslo, Norway, Europe

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