Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Wednesday already and I haven't posted like I have wanted to for the past three days.

So if I didn't mention it in one of the last posts I spent this past weekend in Baltimore, MD (Maryland, for my international friends). I was there for, of all things, a volleyball tournament.

BELIEVE (otherwise known as the Baltimore mantra.)

My friend Tony and I drove out of Jersey City mid afternoon and had a great drive down to the City of Baltimore. Found our host hotel, the Mount Vernon Hotel, rather easily. Easily when you consider it is about three blocks from the host hotel we have had for the past 4 years. We have been at the Wyndham Sheraton for years now.

Funny thing is the hotel this year is also part of a business/hospitality college. So it was student run and it was in an old YMCA building. Rather interesting. Anyway, it was nothing to speak of but most people were staying there so at least there was some mingling in the lobby. We actually didn't get to see many people other than in the lobby since our room was on the first floor.

I will have to say it was hard to be in a hotel with no wireless service. Shouldn't that be standard now.

Ah, The Standard, I do hear that we will be getting one of those in NYC sometime soon.

Anyway, back to the story....God, i hope this isn't going to turn into a rambling of my weekend, but be forewarned I don't edit so it probably will.

Registration party....same people mostly as you see in NYC. Since most of the teams consist of NY teams. Out to dinner afterwards with Tony, Justin, Lew, Ron and Orlando. Their teams did well also in the B division. Tony's team came in 10th but the rest, all playing together on a NY team, took 4th place. Was a good match. They were happy, even if they didn't medal.

Saturday play. Fun. Lost a match we shouldn't have. Yet, again we took one game from the top seeded team. Just as we did in Big Apple, yes, it was the same team. So again we ruined their record and made them 7-1 (out of the 8 games everyone plays on Saturday). We went 5-3, not sure what happened in the one match. Think we were sleeping and a team that only had three wins on Saturday took us. We missed our Big Apple record of 5-2-1, that tie really hurt in Big Apple. I wouldn't have minded a tie this weekend though.

Seeding Party.....The Hippo. Baltimore gay bar/club. Cute show. Good food. Sushis and pastas and cake. Enough to carb you up for the next day. No open bar though. We, in NYC, at least have a 3 hour open bar.

Sunday play. Tough. Started out against a great team. Lost first match. Then had to play in losers bracket. We knocked out 3 NYC teams before coming up against NY Seven again. Which we lost and then they went on to win the tournament. We finished 5th out of 16 teams.

After watching a bit, Tony and I started our drive to Atlantic City (AC). It was about 4:30 and we had a 8 o'clock show time. Thought we had plenty of time. Not sure why but traffic was crazy all throughout Maryland. We ended up getting to AC at 7:42, parked, ran got our tickets and were seated at our table about 2 minutes before the curtain went up.

“Nights on Broadway III” was the show at Caesar's Palace. Sorry about the crappy link for the show but Caesar's has taken their page down.

Tony's friend Felicia Finley is the star of the show. Sorry, she was the star. The show closed on the 26th of April, otherwise I would so recommend a trip down to see it.

After the show we went backstage, met some of the cast as they lounged in the green room, waited for Felicia and then sat with her in her dressing room while she got ready. Such a great girl, who is also a real estate broker in NYC. She had actually closed her first deal just the day before I met her. Pictures and seeing her on stage really don't let you see just how gorgeous of a woman she is.

After walking her out; meeting her father who was visiting to see her show, Tony and I went to get some dinner. Just as dinner was starting I get a call from someone mighty special who I am counting the days to see again. 7 days and counting.

Spoke for a couple of minutes, but hung up so not to be rude. Then I got a great text message to cap off the night. Which I, of course, showed to Tony and he said it was just too sweet, in a good way.

I blew $10 on slots after dinner and I was done. Yes, I can cut loose like the rest of them in AC.

We drove back around midnight and somehow we were back at Tony's place by 2am. 2 hours of driving for a trip that takes 3 minutes. Oh, I forgot to tell you we were going at the speed of light.

Okay, honest opinion, do I need to find myself an editor? Should I learn to really edit myself and not give details? Avoid the little things? I think it is the little things that make it better.

7 days.

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