Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Big Apple "small" Recap

Recovered and ready to play again is how I am feeling.

First, I want to thank everyone on my team, NY Toxic, for making this past weekend a lot of fun, no matter where we finished. Okay, we didn't do that bad, we were seeded 6th out of 22 on the first day and we finished 6th on Sunday.

So thanks to Jorge, Marjon, Daniel, Ray, John, Frank and last but not least, Cheese.

This was actually the most pulled together team I have played on in quite sometime. No drama, just go out and get the job done. Daniel, thank you most of all for being a great team example on Sunday.

Congrats to NY Seven for taking 2nd place in a tough fought match against the team from PR.

And I have to say to Troy, you took almost 400 pictures this weekend and you missed me and my team entirely. Now I have to do a search with people to see if I can find some pictures.

Be well and talk to you all soon.

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