Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A Little More for Today

Wow, this past week was pretty newsworthy and I think I missed most of it getting ready for just one weekend of playing in town.

Now lets see, what didn't I really comment on.

The Pope's passing: I didn't really know that much about the man. Being Episcopal I didn't have that much reason to look up to him but I will say that after reading his story/bio from all the news agencies I do respect the man for all the things he did before he was the Pope and for the love he had for his people of Polish decent. The Church will never have politics that I will believe in but I guess that is why I am not Catholic.

Ummm, what else? Prince Rainer passed, but I have never been to Monaco. Too late for him to invite me. Maybe Albert will.

Seems like a number of people passed last week.

Michael is still in trouble and getting deeper, in trouble that is.

Celebs have flooded the streets of NYC and becoming more and more visible.

Spring is here at last and I am happy as can be.

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