Friday, April 01, 2005

Another Night with the Men (and some boys)

So recovering from a late, shut down the bar, kinda night at Gym Bar. Well, okay, they do shut down early for a NY bar. During the week they figure a 2am close time is good. It is a sports bar don't forget. Not much going on sports wise past 2am. Go to another bar if you want to hunt some prey. Well, actually they do get a great crowd at Gym Bar.

Schawn will love it when he gets back. They are running NBA and March Madness like crazy. And my man likes his basketball, damn he just loves sports. Last weekend he was out playing croquet, no less, with a couple of soap studs.

But before I drive you guys crazy with more talk of my sexy guy I will get back to the point of this particular entry.

Gym Bar has a couple of partners but the two main seem to be Nick and Rick, volleyball guys, and since last night was the first Thursday they were open we all moved to Gym Bar from our usual Barracuda. Yes, we have a new bar to call home.

We usually have a group of 8-10 out on any given Thursday since it is around 11:30 when we go out, but last night you would have thought half the league was there. Well, the Thursday night Div. 1 guys anyway.

Great to see so many guys who never come out actually out drinking. There are no excuses anymore. The bar is so close to where we play that most people have to pass it to get home. There is no talk of not wanting to go to far.

Played pool for a good long time also towards the end of the night, hence the closing the bar statement. I haven't played pool in ages, mostly because people take it way too seriously. But playing with friends, laughing, enjoying the time together was so great. And I have to say I made so great shots, but I do think no matter how many times my partner and I won; the Lady Raue had the ultimate bank shots the whole night. As he said, "I have not missed one bank shot all night."

If you are in NYC go have some fun at Gym bar if you haven't yet, if you have then go back. If your coming to NYC put it on your list. Stop by on Thursday night, there will always be a great bunch of volleyball guys there to mingle with.

Ciao for now.

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