Thursday, March 31, 2005

One of My Guys

So yesterday I ran across the blog from one of the guys I coach on Wednesdays.

He had been sick and injured for a good part of the season after I was brought in as coach, okay, so I got to coach him for one day and since that was the day he got hurt I know at least he had potential because he made the point as he hurt his ankle. The boy has heart.

Well, anyway, I ran across his blog, he says there is more than one, but this is his poetry blog and I liked it alot so I thought I would share the link and one of the poems I liked alot.


Bubbling, boiling, rolling,
Shuddering, blubbering,
Jiggling, dangling, gelatinous,
Poochy, bouncy, globbulous,
Pliant, bulbuous, lumpy,
Soft, squishy, unctuous,
Greasy, slimy, blimpy,
Beefy, husky, meaty.

It goes on and on.

The mind of someone fat.
These words, and the power
They have over you.
The lack of control to stop it.

People say "just stop."
I want to punch those people
In the face.
Who the fuck do they think
They are?
Skinny little shits.

You don't know, unless you've
Been there.

So, how do I end this?

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.

Go check it out and I hope you like it tool. Drop him a note, he is single, cute and tattooed.

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