Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Things that have made me smile lately.

1) A very friendly police officer at Penn Station. Just wanted to ask him a question and he was really friendly and accommodating. Not something you see much of here in NYC, especially from city workers.

2) An Asian woman fresh out of the plastic surgeons office with her "daddy" and new "oh my God" breasts that will have her tipping over when he isn't helping her to walk across the street. Those breasts were sick.

3) Not funny for the person involved but I do have a problem with MTA subway booth employees. For people who are trying to save their jobs they are rude and could seem to care less when it comes to customer service. Last week a tourist took a picture of an agent sleeping inside the booth and it ran on the front page of the city paper, Daily News or the Post, I forget which.

Little things...little things.

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I enjoy your blogs.

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