Thursday, March 31, 2005

Where do you want to be buried?

Okay, so I was never really clear on who I would side with in the Terri Schiavo events of the 15 years or so, even though the general public has only jumped on the bandwagon in the past couple of months. I heard about this story years ago, not sure why.

Now that Terri is gone there is still a fight of possession going on. And in this case I fully support the family.

Michael Schiavo plans to cremate his "wife" and have her buried in Pennsylvania. Now maybe I missed something but what is in Pennsylvania.

Bob and Mary Schindler wish to bury their daughter in Florida, which is where the husband and her family both live.

Now that Michael, and Terri supposedly, got their wishes would it be that bad or that hard for him to bend a little and give the parents one last wish of being able to be at least close to their daughter in death.

Am I wrong on this one? I kept quiet on the feeding tube and so forth because I have no idea whose wishes were really being granted.

Oh yeah, one last thing, Gay or Straight, get your ass to a lawyer and get yourselves some living wills.

Since this media frenzy started they are the new hot item on the spring/summer accessory list.

Not only will this simple piece of paper state your wishes it will also protect your loved ones from having to go through the pain that this family had to endure.

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