Thursday, March 31, 2005

Days of My Life

Eating a bagel, having coffee in the mid afternoon trying to work on my handheld Toshiba e740 Pocket PC. Luckily this was bought with the intention of using it for airport and inflight emails and blogging. So at least I am able to do some work.

But I do think I need to upgrade to the new Blackberry. Then I can email, call, chat, the works all without having to have two or at most three electronic items on my table as I work.

Glad I was sitting around cause I got to talk to the man for about 10 minutes on his way to lunch with his friend Rudy, I could be wrong on the name but I am pretty sure I got it right.

Now the rest of the day consists of trying to get my whole email list onto this damn little thing, hard to import onto this. Then still trying to find a way to get my gmail, since this pocket pc doesn't allow me to select the ports that the pop/smtp go in and out of. My problem. But I have found which goes in and lets me see/write/send emails from any email address I have. Thank God.

But all-in-all I know my day isnothing compared to the day the events going on in Florida this morning. Continued in next entry.

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