Wednesday, April 06, 2005


So I am sitting in my new favorite coffee shop, Grounded and I see someone coming up to me from my peripheral vision and I get a very nice hug. Just happens to be my friend John who lives down the street and around the corner.

Just thought it was funny to see him because I have never seen him in here before. He tells me he knows the place and has been in here when it first opens but he happens to run a place about a block away called Brewbar. Well, now, what do I do? Do I forgo, there is that word again, my friends establishment for the one I have grown accustomed to? Do I try and split my time?

He actually said that when Grounded opened up they lost some customers. I told him that I had been in his place but once and whenever I pass it the place always seems closed. He, not being the owner, says they do close early...something like 5:30 or so. Well Grounded doesn't close until 8. That is at least a respectable time. I don't think most people get to coffee places until early evening. Brewbar does have wireless though, he did inform me that.

Well, John is playing this weekend in the tournament so I said I would see him tonight at the second of the scrimmage nights for the teams playing, but I think I might just pop over there around 4pm and check out the service.

If your in the city or coming to the city you should check them both out. You never know where I will be. Try and find me at one of my shops I like or love.

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