Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Big C

It has recently struck me rather strange at how many young men are being stricken with different types of Cancer.

Someone I love very much has fought the battle and came out the other side a much better person than when he started. I didn't know him at the time but from what he has told me about it he is now a much better a person to others and himself.

Now on a site I read quite often about Corey, a comic addict and gay guy in NYC, he recommended a new site from another guy who seemed quite similar to him.

Well, Corey loves DC comics as I do so i thought this new one would be a nice one too.

Starting to read I learn that the writer(aka, Wolf of Steel), a 31yo guy, loves comics and is starting his fight with cancer.

Not sure if you needed all that info but go check it out. If you know what he is going through or just want to show your support and love of comics, take a gander.

And just to be on the safe side: Read, Check and See your Doctor.

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