Friday, February 25, 2005

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Found this listed on Gawker today:
If hell truly does exist, it’s probably located somewhere near Prince Street and the Soho Apple store. But anyone who’s had to wait more than two hours for a “genius” to serve you at the “bar” probably knows that already:

Nearing hour two, you realize that this setup really is no different than the line at your neighborhood Pathmark, a grocery store so ghetto, you call it Trackmark. The difference is that, at Trackmark, when a line is too long, you’ve seen elderly black women with curlers stand and curse at the shuttered manager’s window until more cashiers magically re-appear to open extra checkouts. You’ve also witnessed a spindly crackhead threaten another woman who cut in front of her in line with the following salvo: “Bitch, back da fuck up before I punch you in the cunt.”

No one waiting in the customer service line in the Apple store in Soho threatens to punch anyone in the cunt.

And you know what? Maybe that’s the problem.

For the full story check out the original blog it was found on. Forksplit, alas another New Yorker

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