Monday, February 07, 2005

Super, Super, Super.

“Hi, how are you?”

“I’m super, thanks for asking.”

That would be my answer if you asked me last night. I went out yesterday and had a great time with some good friends and teammates.

It isn’t very often that I go to actual parties; I am more the go out with the crowd and hang out at the bar, then go home. I am the one that is always invited but never shows, with a good reason of course. But O-Duo were having a Super Bowl party and after a week of saying I was going I finally RSVP’d to show up.

After bribing my new friend Robert into going with me, god, he only lives 6 blocks from the party we headed over and I made the introductions.

Most of the people consisted of volleyball players or their husbands, but there were a smattering of others who made it interesting. The idea was the football game but seems we all got a little bored with the big event once the room started to fill and we started to talk, laugh, meet new people and examine life in NYC and travels.

Robert had to say that he was relieved that he wasn’t stuck with a bunch of volleyball guys that he wouldn’t be able to relate too. Robert being a writer of the arts was able to discuss with a number of people about things from the new MoMa exhibits and architecture to theatre views to big pills of Viagra. Love Pfizer. Okay, I don’t need it but if I ever do I will love them then.

We both lost the pool but left with smiles and glad tidings as everyone made merry to their different destinations to start the late part of the evening. No, I didn’t go to Phoenix with the rest. Left Robert at 12th Street and 1st Ave and headed home knowing that I should do it more often.

And, of course, the patriots won but I was off by 11.

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