Sunday, February 06, 2005

Now This is Nice..

A weekend without snow or rain and were the temperture is actually warming up to be able to leave the hat and gloves in the shoulder bag until at least nightfall. But then who is going to be walking around come nightfall, we will all be watching the GAME.

Who will win? Do I care? More about having fun with friends (and new friends) during one of the best commercial days of the year. Yes, I do work in the commercial business so I will be watching.

Sadly though the lot is pretty tame, nothing overtly sexual. I have seen a select lot of the new ones to show this evening and they are shall we say, cute.

No Brit/Beyonce/Pink is warrior garb, but we do get some MC Hammer in his old 80's fly pants.

We get P. Diddy, Will Smith and Eva Longoria in Pepsi trucks.

God, they all blend together at this point. Well, I say it will be the Patriots by 14.

Oh Mr. Brady. Wait, are we talking about the father on the Brady Bunch? Brady Anderson, what ever happened to him? Now that was the man. Oh, Tom Brady, yes, another of the big handsome, I will model and play ball type of guys.


The Lonely Optimist said...

You're probably right about the Pats, but I want to see the Eagles pull the Broncos-esque upset. McNabb, kids, is a handsome fella due for redemption. You heard it here first.

The Lonely Optimist said...

So I was wrong. You gotta give it to him, though---McNabb was as brilliant as he was ridiculous. (And Brady is gorgeous.)

How I Spent the Afternoon.