Friday, February 25, 2005

Chris Rock Alert....

With all the talk about him hosting the Oscars and what may or may not be said by him I ran across a new LA Weekly article. Some favorite pieces of his and some supposed SPOLIERS from this weekends Oscar monologue.

Laugh away:
Anyone who knows Rock’s act has heard his razor-sharp “Bush lied to me” riff. “Bush lied to me, man. He said we got to move on Iraq because they’re the most dangerous regime on Earth. If they’re so dangerous, how come it only took two weeks to take over the whole fucking country? You couldn’t take over the Bronx in two weeks. You’d need a month to get the Grand Concourse.”

“No one does the thing they’re supposed to do on the Oscars. Like you watch the Grammys, they singin’. You watch the Tonys, they dancin’. And you watch the Oscars, no actin’. Ain’t no one even thinking about acting. The only actin’ you see at the Oscars is when people act like they’re not mad they lost. It’s unbelievable. When Halle Berry won the Oscar, I saw Nicole Kidman smile so big; she should have got an Emmy at the Oscars for her performance. Halle’s mother wasn’t that happy for her.”

Full article: LA Weekly with Nikki Finke

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