Saturday, February 26, 2005

Last of the Gates

I have no idea why these damn things are such a big deal with me. But after tomorrow they will be gone and all that will be left are the thousands upon thousands of pictures taken of them.

So I finally got up to Central Park and the Time Warner Center with my visiting friend Erich and did the Gates on Wednesday. It was cold, still snow in some spots and wet. Not my favorite environment but I had fun. Tons of people in the park at mid-day (3pm). I guess this was enough of a reason for people to come out and bring their cameras. I being one of them. Click here for the contact sheet of our afternoon.

And here is the link for the picture of "The Crackers"; salute to the Gates through saffron colored cheese snacks.

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The Lonely Optimist said...

Just got around to uploading the million or so digital pictures I took of The Gates, and there is not a single cheese cracker in any one of them. "The Crackers" made my day. Does that make me overly simple, or just really into saffron?

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